5 Etiquettes for Remote Meetings While You Work From/At Home

PAPER + TOAST meetings work from/at home

Are remote meetings embedded into your daily working routine? As we continue our meetings to work/from at home, we are willing to take extra efforts in keeping in touch with our colleagues to sustain communication with each other. Virtual meetings have taken a role in filling the gaps of the distance between colleagues with various online platforms.

PAPER + TOAST Zoom Meetings Work From/At Home

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Virtual meetings are very fresh to some of us as compared to physical meetings and not enough emphasis is underlined to the etiquette of remote meetings. Let’s keep our remote meetings professional and content with these tips:

#1 Choose the right platform

It’s vital to run an online meeting with the right tool depending on its key functionality ranging from: video conferencing, screen sharing, accommodating a large number of attendees and even having a recording function.

#2 Test functionality before meetings

This includes wi-fi, camera/video, screen sharing feature to avoid any interruptions during the meeting. Try different softwares that may run best for everyone.

#3 Let’s be courteous towards one another

Ensure that there are minimal sound interruptions and what’s within your surroundings to avoid further distractions for your coworkers. Avoid typing unless you’re on mute of course.

#4 Speak, mute, repeat

Speak up when you join a meeting, of course without interrupting your teammates when they’re in the midst of talking. Project your voice if they can’t hear you well or speak closer to your microphone. Make sure to mute when you’re not talking to avoid colliding noises.

#5 Be present

It’s not simply about being visible or looking presentable but also to ensure that you are attentive as well towards the meeting. Some team members may not be strong vocally, so let’s bare in mind that it’s important to keep everyone engaged during remote meetings.

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