Building Malaysia's Innovation Ecosystem Since 2010.


PAPER + TOAST Coworking Space Event Space

Malaysia's First Coworking Space

10 years ago, we set out to create a space where productivity and innovation would meet. PAPER + TOAST coworking space Malaysia is for people who believe in collaboration and working together with others. 

We are believe the importance of creating more opportunities and expanding possibilities. This was made possible through the series of programs and networking sessions that we run, physically and virtually. 

We aspire to connect our community through the local and international networks that we have. Through the various partners that we have such as Seedstars and Failure Institute, we are able to link across 300+ cities around the world!

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Looking for a coworking space in Malaysia? You’ve come to the right place. Started in 2010, PAPER + TOAST is the first coworking space in Malaysia. We have the mission of revolutionising the way people work through coworking space and flexible office rent in KL, right in the heart of Bukit Bintang. Beyond our coworking space and office rent in KL, rent our versatile event space for your events and meet ups. Need a place in Kuala Lumpur to conduct meetings, trainings, seminars, workshops and more? Our meeting rooms are fully equipped to host you at any time. 

PAPER + TOAST coworking space Malaysia is your one-stop solution to make your work productive and conducive. Foster collaboration and innovation while working with others. Get inspired at our coworking space with other coworkers. Share ideas, join programs, and engage in community events to grow your business. In the spirit of collaboration, we have also collaborated with a few partners (still growing) as an additional perks benefits for our members. See you at the workspace! 

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