[19 days] to Merdeka Day

malaysia, funny, hari merdeka

Hot men are on the menu

We love strange signs and brands that raise an eyebrow! LOVE!  What more could you want to your day than spotting something that can really make you chuckle!  Living here there’s always some sign out there that just does not make sense.  We buy buns from an auntie who sells Pumpkin Pou – but by her choice in typography it looks like “pumpkin poo”.

malaysia, funny, hari merdeka

For instance, on a recent trip out of town, we found out that with RM 1.80 you could order a “Jantan Panas” [hot male] and for 20cents more you get a “Jantan Ais” [cool guy].  If that isn’t a great bargain, I really don’t know what is.

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